Can I Run Marathon? Get 3 Ticks For The Green Light.

You probably have a bucket list, you may have an item “Run a Marathon” unchecked on your list, and you’ve got your reasons to run a marathon first time. You next question is likely to be: “Can I run a marathon?”.

I know that feeling. If it’s your first time, you may be worrying too much!

Based on my own experience and research online, I have distilled 3 elements that are essential for you to go ahead for your first marathon. Read through the following, if you get all ticks to the first 3 items, you already have the green light to go for it. Don’t overthink! Everything else is secondary.

You Need A Healthy Body

Training for a marathon and going for the race is a huge endeavor to your body, taken too lightly, it can be detrimental to your body and your health, which take substantial time to recover.

It is crucial to ensure your body is healthy and fit for the training as well as the race, especially you have a family history of heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure. Go consult your doctor at least, let your doctor know about your plan and ask for his advice, and better have a medical check up. Knowing you have a medical clearance gives you a feeling of relieve, keep you focus on the training and enjoy the run.

100% Dedication Is The Key

Remember, you are not trying to run your first marathon. You are there to run 26.2 miles in the race and cross the FINISH line! Finishing your marathon first time is a demanding challenge that requires 100% dedication and utmost determination. As Yoda has said: “Do or do not. There is no try.”

Training for a marathon is grueling. Whether you are a genuine beginner for running or have been running for sometime, as the training intensifies, you may have difficulties in breathing during the run and have sore & pain in muscles after that. It takes time to get used to it, though it’s normal experience in building up your body fitness.

Emotionally, you will have ups and downs throughout the training, which seem like a roller coaster to test your mental toughness. From time to time, you may question yourself if it’s worth to sacrifice so much on it and whether you should carry on.

Believe me, you will make it through those hard times… Only if you are totally dedicated!

Get Support From You Love Ones

This is weird, isn’t it? If you think of training for a marathon is your personal challenge and there’s nothing to do with you love ones, think again!

Just same as any person in the world, you have only 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Spending time on the training means taking away quality times from your family, spouse, kids and close friends.

A typical training schedule for first time marathon runners would mean 16 to 20 weeks, 3 to 5 runs per week. Adding up with the times on preparation, warm up and cool down, time to take a rest after the tough training, it is pretty conservative to say you are taking away more than 200 hours from your time being with love ones!

So communicate with your love ones beforehand, get prior understanding from them, and seek their support for you to accomplish your challenging goal.

Dip Before You Plunge

Getting 3 ticks on the above and your green light is just the beginning of the journey. If running a Full Marathon is your first running race ever, it’s better to join some shorter races like 10K or half marathon, so you can get a taste of “being in the race” and helps to build up your confidence for the big one.

Yes, You Can!

Running for a marathon first time is rigorous, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Talk to your doctor and get a medical check up to find out if your body is fit for the training and the race. Ensure you are totally dedicated and determined to FINISH the 26.2 miles instead of trying to run for the race. Communicate with your love ones so they will understand and support you on chasing your dream.

Dream big and start small. Join some shorter races to enjoy being part of it and build up your confidence for finishing your first 26.2 miles.

Believe you can, and have fun!







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14 thoughts on “Can I Run Marathon? Get 3 Ticks For The Green Light.

  1. Brian,

    Encouraging article. It almost makes me want to train. Ha!

    Not really, because my running days are over. I kept reading your article, though, because there are principals in it that can be applied to other areas of one’s life – mainly taking care of ourselves.

    Keep on writing.

    Best Regards,


    • Hello Rick,
      Thanks for your comments. Running is good for health, perhaps you can run as an exercise so you can have more energy and inspiration on your writings.
      Best wishes.

  2. Good read. One of my friends decided to run a marathon and it took him almost 16 months to get ready for it through his training.

    • Hi Brett,
      Thank you for reading my article. Believe your friend will have a good time for his marathon, as he’s preparing well for 16 months. My post on training is coming soon. Hope you will have time for it.
      All the best!

  3. Hi Brian
    Thanks for the read . Admittedly,I don’t know much about marathons but can only imagine that it takes an unimaginable amount of stamina and endurance not to mention mental preparation.
    Marathon is defined as a long-lasting or difficult task or activity .Something that I am definitely not,lol.


    • Hi Keith,
      Thanks for reading my post. Understand you are not going for running a marathon. Perhaps you can find some other exercise like brisk walking or jogging, which is good for your health.
      Best wishes!

  4. Hey Brian,

    Great info here. I have joined 5K runs before and it was exhausting without proper preparation. How much more for a full marathon..whew! I like what Yoda said and it’s true. If you just try, you are not giving 100% effort. You must put your mind to it and decide to DO it. Thanks for sharing.


    • Hey Ian,
      Thanks for reading my post. Now you have a better starting point than many runners: you finished a 5K. Why not set a bigger goal to run your first marathon. My blog on training is coming soon. Stay tuned!
      All the best!

  5. Great article with lots of handy tips. I’m not a runner myself, but I have friends who regularly run marathons so I can appreciate how much preparation goes into it.

    • Hi Helen,

      Thanks for reading and your comments.

      I didn’t believe I would become a runner until was “infected” by one of my friends who runs half marathon. Since then I run some short races and finished my first marathon. Perhaps you may be “infected” by your friend some day too.

      Best wishes!


  6. Great article! I run more for fun but I have been thinking of taking it more seriously, I’m glad I came across this article. Thanks for the motivation 🙂

    • Hey Emma,

      Thanks for dropping by!
      It’s good you run for fun, that means you enjoy running. Perhaps you should take action to run a marathon in the near future. Hope to hear the great news from you soon.

      All the best!

  7. I find the idea of running a marathon very fascinating. I tried running in the past, on and off, and really liked the feeling afterwards. But you do need a lot of dedication, time and support to train for a marathon. I like your advice to try a shorter race first. And once you have done 10k, it should be much easier to do the right things to get prepared for a full marathon, provided you are in good health.

    • Hello Sammy,

      Thank you for visiting my website and your comment.

      Glad to know you have tried running in the past. To keep on running, you need to develop a habit and build up one step in a time.

      While good health is the prerequisite of running a marathon, running is an exercise that’s good to runner’s health. So provided one is not really in bad health, he or she can still keep running as an exercise to build up good health.

      Hope you enjoy running and looking forward to hearing from you on running a marathon in the future.

      Best wishes.

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